Like the title suggests, it really is just another Bran blog.  Surely, the idea of reading Bran Hambric and blogging about it popped into the head of every single internetting BranFan.  Each person that had this idea probably thought it was sofa king original of them too. Zomg! Since Kalip blogged about a book series, I should blog about his book!

For those of you who aren’t already part of the fandom*, here’s an explanation:

There is a book series called Bran Hambric, by Kaleb Nation. The first book in the series is called Bran Hambric: The Farfield Curse. On JABB**, I (whoever the hell I am) will be reading it and blogging about each chapter as I do so. The reason I said this idea was unoriginal is because the author of the series is also the same dude from, a website where he blogged about every chapter of the Twilight Saga.  Apparently, that site made Smeyer “laugh buckets” (whatever the fuck that means). It’s pretty much the reason he’s relatively well-known now.  Naturally, people thought they should do the same with his book series.  I’m just another one of those people.

I’m hosting this blog on WordPress because I don’t really wanna have to pay for a web host and all that jazz (though it would be nice to have the luxury of making the layout and everything look exactly how I want it).

Oh, I should also add that my language probably won’t be as clean and goody-goody Kaleb’s was.  Sorry.

*Apparently, Mozilla Firefox doesn’t think “fandom” is a real word.

**Just Another Bran Blog


Just so you know:

When I blog about each chapter, I'm not actually serious about everything I say. I really liked the series and don't actually think Kaleb Nation is racist, sexist, a ripoff of JKR, or whatever else I might make him out to be. Kaleb's actually a really nice guy and he's wonderful with his fans. I wish him the best of luck with his career and would like to congratulate him on how far he's made it. I only do this for the lulz. (And because it's great to be a BranBlogger! :D)
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